plenhyage XL

Plenhyage XL.

Plenhyage XL is a type of skin injectable, comprising of polymerised, polynucleotide-based injectable gel, that aims to help repair tissue by stimulating fibroblasts, encouraging cell turnover, improving elasticity, boosting collagen production and hydrating the skin.

Plenhyage XL can be used to treat:

  •  acne scarring
  • hyperpigmentation,
  • rosacea.

As well as being injected into the upper, mid and lower face, Plenhyage XL can also treat the neck, décolletage, inner arms, thighs, and knees, notes the company.

The polynucleotide chain, in addition to attracting water molecules, has an anti-free radical action, acting as a scavenger of OH hydroxyl radicals which tend to accumulate as a result of stress, cell damage, and external agents such as UV rays. The moisturizing action and anti-free radical activity help to create an optimal environment for the growth of fibroblasts, helping to restore the elasticity of the tissues.


Plenhyage XLPricing.


Procedure time

30 minutes.



Topical anaesthetic cream. 



Mild discomfort.


Side Effects

Slight swelling and redness.


Recovery Time

1 day.



from £300 per treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We appreciate that you may have some questions about our treatments or Plenhyage in general. Below you can find a list of our most commonly asked questions to try and assist you in finding an answer. Don’t worry if your question isn’t there, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We may also add your questions to the list below in order to help others who might be seeking treatment.
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It is classed as a regenerative treatment. The polynucleotides derived from Salmon activate fibroblast and stem cells to regenerate your own skin cells.


The results from Plenhyage XL are long lasting, in general six to nine months, as long as the suggested after-care is properly followed. We would recommend regular treatments to keep your skin in great condition.

We generally recommend 2-3 treatments,  2-4 weeks apart, but our treatments are tailored to meet individual needs. Therefore, how many sessions you require will depend on your own goals and needs, as well as the size of the area(s) being treated. 

Small bumps will appear on the skin after treatment, so you might choose to avoid work until they have subsided. These bumps should go down within 24-36 hours of treatment.

Here at Brook Bottom Aesthetics all of our treatments are bespoke to you which means that our practitioners will never give you a result that doesn’t suit you and occasionally we may refuse treatment altogether. Our consultants will give you a full overview of what to expect from your treatment during your consultation.