Hot Stones Massage.

Hot Stones Massage.

Hot stone massage is a speciality massage that uses smooth, heated stones. The stones used are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release. Before you arrive, the massage therapist sanitizes the stones and heats them to 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the massage, the therapist will warm up the body with traditional Swedish massage. Following this, the therapist will then perform the massage while holding the heated stones. As a stone cools, the therapist will replace it with another. The therapist will also leave heated stones on specific points that are thought to be energy centers of the body, to rebalance the body and mind. These include, along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.

An authentic hot stone massage is not simply the “gliding” of heated stones lightly upon the surface of the skin, but rather the stones are used as tools to deliver an effective massage at a pressure level that is comfortable for the client. The client can request light, medium or deep pressure, which is the beauty of the hot stone massage technique. It can be customized in an instant to the request of the client. The hardness of the stones makes for a deep tissue massage and is easy on the joints of the therapists hands.

The heat of the hot stones relaxes muscles more quickly than in traditional massage. It also increases the blood flow to the area being worked which further accelerates the healing process and calms the nervous system.

Hot stone massage is suited to people who tend to feel chilly or who have cold feet. It’s also suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work the muscles without using deep pressure. The hot stones are never rough, they are always flat and smooth and the therapist uses many stones of various shapes and sizes.

Hot Stones Massage.

  • Hot Stone full body massage (75 minutes) £75

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